Can you leave anything behind when you sell your house?

Additional filters for your central heating or air system. Leftover tiles from the bathroom, kitchen or ceiling. As the owner of the property and its contents, buyers can do whatever they want with the things left by the seller. Depending on your contract, the items left behind aren't necessarily yours.

If the seller may have left the items in error, you may be asked to keep that property safe until they can pick it up or deliver it to the landlord. But be careful with casual “I'll get it next week, especially for high-value items. Accepting to keep the property after closure carries risks and liability and should be avoided. Anything left in the house after closing is supposed to become the property of the buyer.

This is because the seller can no longer legally enter the property to recover the items without the buyer's permission. It is polite to let the seller know that you left your personal items and give them the option to recover them. Often, this can happen with some objects left in the attic or in a shed. For example, if you have a swing outside that your children have grown small and a buyer has younger children, you can offer to sell it with the house.

As a general rule, when you sell your home, anything that is attached to or incorporated into the house is usually left behind. Unless you negotiate a deal with a buyer, all items that belong to you that are not attached to the house or that are not part of it will go with you when you sell.

Norma Messick
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